What Is The Average Price Of A Flat In Istanbul?

Istanbul, the vibrant and culturally rich city that straddles Europe and Asia, is not only famous for its historical landmarks and bustling bazaars but also for its diverse and dynamic real estate market.

For someone considering purchasing a flat in this mesmerizing metropolis, understanding the average prices across different neighborhoods is crucial.

 From the bustling streets of Beyoglu to the serene shores of the Bosphorus, Istanbul offers a wide range of options catering to various budgets.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the average prices of flats in Istanbul, from the most affordable to the most luxurious, and explore the factors influencing these prices in different areas.

What Is The Average Price Of A Flat In Istanbul?

Affordable Options

Neighborhood Location Price Range (per sqm)
Esenyurt European Side 35,000 – 45,000 TL
Başakşehir European Side 40,000 – 50,000 TL
Ümraniye Asian Side 40,000 – 55,000 TL

For budget-conscious buyers, several neighborhoods in Istanbul offer relatively affordable flat prices. Areas such as Esenyurt, Başakşehir, and Küçükçekmece on the European side, and Ümraniye and Pendik on the Asian side, are known for their more economical housing options. In these districts, you can find modestly sized apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms at prices that are considerably lower compared to the city center.

1. Esenyurt

Esenyurt, located on the European side, has gained popularity among first-time buyers due to its affordability. The district offers a mix of furnished apartments, new developments, and established neighborhoods, with prices averaging around 35,000 to 45,000 Turkish Lira per square meter.

2. Basaksehir

Similarly, Başakşehir, known for its modern infrastructure and family-friendly environment, offers flats at relatively lower prices, typically ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 Turkish Lira per square meter.

3. Umraniye

Ümraniye, situated on the Asian side, has emerged as a favorite among young professionals seeking affordable yet quality housing options. With its well-planned communities and proximity to business districts, Ümraniye offers flats priced around 40,000 to 55,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, making it an attractive choice for those looking for value for money.

Factors contributing to the affordability of these areas include the availability of land for development, lower demand compared to central neighborhoods, and the distance from major commercial and cultural hubs.

Mid-Range Options:

Neighborhood Location Price Range (per sqm)
Kadıköy Asian Side 50,000 – 60,000 TL
Şişli European Side 60,000 – 80,000 TL
Beşiktaş European Side 70,000 – 90,000 TL
Ataşehir Asian Side 50,000 – 75,000 TL
Kadıköy European Side 50,000 – 75,000 TL

Moving up the price ladder, several neighborhoods in Istanbul offer mid-range flat prices, striking a balance between affordability and proximity to urban amenities. Districts like Kadıköy, Şişli, and Beşiktaş on the European side, and Kadıköy and Ataşehir on the Asian side, fall into this category.

1. Kadikoy

Kadıköy, often referred to as the cultural heart of the Asian side, offers a diverse range of housing options, from historic buildings to modern complexes. The average price per square meter for flats in Kadıköy ranges from 50,000 to 60,000 Turkish Lira, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a vibrant neighborhood with a rich cultural scene.

2. Sisli

Şişli, located in the heart of the European side, is known for its bustling streets, upscale shopping districts, and thriving business centers. Flats in Şişli command higher prices compared to outlying districts, with average prices ranging from 60,000 to 80,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, reflecting its status as a prime residential and commercial hub.

3. Besiktas

Beşiktaş, nestled along the European shoreline of the Bosphorus, offers a mix of traditional charm and modern amenities. The district is home to upscale residential complexes, luxury boutiques, and renowned dining establishments. Flat prices in Beşiktaş range from 70,000 to 90,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, with waterfront properties commanding premium rates.

4. Atasehir

Ataşehir, a rapidly developing district on the Asian side, has witnessed a surge in demand for housing due to its strategic location and modern infrastructure. With its wide boulevards, green spaces, and upscale residential projects, Ataşehir offers flats priced around 50,000 to 75,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, appealing to young professionals and families alike.

Luxury Options:

Neighborhood Location Price Range (per sqm)
Bebek European Side 150,000 – 250,000 TL
Nişantaşı European Side 120,000 – 200,000 TL
Etiler European Side >200,000 TL
Bağdat Avenue Asian Side 100,000 – 180,000 TL
Kandilli Asian Side >200,000 TL

For those with a penchant for luxury living, Istanbul boasts several upscale neighborhoods where flat prices reach the highest echelons of the market. Areas such as Bebek, Nişantaşı, and Etiler on the European side, and Bağdat Avenue and Kandilli on the Asian side, cater to affluent buyers seeking exclusivity and opulence.

1. Bebek

Bebek, situated along the shores of the Bosphorus, epitomizes luxury living with its stunning waterfront properties, upscale cafes, and designer boutiques. Flat prices in Bebek can soar to staggering heights, ranging from 150,000 to 250,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, making it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul.

2. Nisantasi

Nişantaşı, renowned for its elegant streets, Art Nouveau architecture, and high-end shopping districts, is a favorite among Istanbul’s elite. Flats in Nişantaşı command premium prices, typically ranging from 120,000 to 200,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, reflecting the neighborhood’s status as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

3. Etiler

Etiler, located in the upscale district of Beşiktaş, is known for its exclusive residential complexes, gourmet restaurants, and lively nightlife. Flat prices in Etiler can exceed 200,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, making it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for affluent buyers seeking unparalleled luxury and prestige.

4. Bagdat

Bağdat Avenue, often dubbed Istanbul’s answer to Rodeo Drive, offers a lavish lifestyle with its upscale boutiques, designer stores, and luxury residences. Flat prices along Bağdat Avenue range from 100,000 to 180,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, catering to discerning buyers looking for sophistication and style.

5. Kandilli

Kandilli, nestled along the shores of the Bosphorus on the Asian side, offers panoramic views of the iconic waterway and the city skyline. Flat prices in Kandilli can surpass 200,000 Turkish Lira per square meter, reflecting the exclusivity and serenity of this prestigious neighborhood.

Factors contributing to the high prices in these areas include prime waterfront locations, proximity to upscale amenities, and a limited supply of luxury properties


Navigating Istanbul’s housing market can be a daunting task, with a myriad of options available across different neighborhoods and price ranges. Whether you’re a budget-conscious buyer looking for affordable options or an affluent investor seeking luxury properties, Istanbul offers something for everyone.

By understanding the average prices of flats in various neighborhoods and the factors influencing these prices, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and lifestyle preferences.

From the bustling streets of Esenyurt to the exclusive waterfront properties of Bebek, Istanbul’s real estate market is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself, offering endless opportunities for buyers to find their perfect home.


Are there significant variations in flat prices across different neighborhoods in Istanbul?

Yes, prices can vary based on factors like location, amenities, and demand within each neighborhood.

Can I negotiate the price of a flat in Istanbul?

Yes, negotiation is common in real estate transactions, so feel free to discuss terms with the seller or their agent.

What are some key factors that influence flat prices in Istanbul?

Factors such as size, condition, proximity to transportation, and neighborhood amenities can all impact prices.

How often do flat prices in Istanbul change?

Flat prices can fluctuate based on market conditions, but generally, they are reviewed regularly to reflect changes in demand and supply.

Is it advisable to seek professional advice when buying a flat in Istanbul?

Yes, it’s recommended to work with a real estate agent or consultant who is familiar with the local market to ensure you make informed decisions.

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