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The Most Joyful Form of Sport

The project introduces its residents to the most amusing form of sport and offers them a
healthy lifestyle. Entertaining games in the semi basketball court and enjoyable walks in the fresh air are waiting for you in your new living space.

Embrace the Colour of Peace, Green

The green fields of The project will make you forget the exhaustion of your day and relax by embracing nature.The project provides both the thrills of modern city life and the
blessing of nature for those who desire to enjoy the nature and fresh air in the midst of the city.

Luxurious Life in Dazzling Towers

The project presents a luxurious life with three towers independently located.
The project corresponds to different tastes and needs with alternative flat choices varying
from “1+1” to “5+1” types while promising its residents a spacious, calm, and comfortable life.

Social Activities

The project offers its residents a pleasing and tasteful life with its social activities from health to sport, resting to entertainment by taking every age group into account.

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